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Tina Phillips is a senior evaluator at Edu and an expert in planning and evaluating large citizen science projects. Citizen science teaches the general public to gather and submit scientific data.


A biologist by training she brings a decisive candor and directness to evaluation.


Since joining Edu in 2003, Tina has contributed to large-scale evaluations for the National Science Foundation, UC Berkeley, National Public Radio, and PBS.


Tina works as an evaluation program manager at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, where she leads the evaluation of several citizen-science projects and develops guiding frameworks to understand outcomes of public participation in scientific research (PPSR).


Tina earned a doctorate and master’s degree in Education from Cornell University. She enjoys birding, outdoor activities, and time at home with her husband, two children, three dogs, and one cat.

Cornell University
Ph.D. Education

Cornell University
M.S. Education

State University of New York
B.S. Biology

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