Work at Edu


We need digital media expertise to develop
Edu’s brand across multiple media channels.

Use your creative vision to ensure a clear and consistent message.
Develop an authentic voice that our clients understand and trust.

Share our story. Engage people. Build community.
This is consulting work from your office.


  • Set up and optimize Edu pages within each social media platform

  • Develop and update social media performance metrics, dashboards, and reports

  • Design a simple strategy for effective media campaigns

  • Collect and analyze data related to social media campaigns


  • Increase Edu’s presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

  • Create editorial calendars and content schedules

  • Generate, publish, and share meaningful and relevant content


  • Insight to communicate Edu’s credibility and preeminence

  • People skills to train and guide staff in best practices to implement digital media

  • Ability to evaluate and report progress to leadership


Understand Edu’s unique offering and the niche market we serve.

Help our colleagues and clients to vet Edu through web, social media, presentations, and regional campaigns.

Conduct competitive analysis and audience research and propose a simple, clear plan to build, execute, and benchmark a digital media strategy.

Assemble a backlog of relevant and compelling content for posts. Track opportunities for meaningful just-in-time posts.

Implement the Edu messaging playbook to ensure consistent and focused outreach.

Use recognized industry tools to track the performance of social media initiatives. The ability to use metrics data to recommend, develop, and quickly implement changes to improve results is essential.

An understanding of using social media to support diversity and ethnic and cultural minorities is critical.

Guide SEO and promotion of Edu’s website to increase web traffic.

Oversee Edu’s Google non-profit account and develop Google Analytics reports, plan Google AdWords, and oversee Google Grants. Monitor and update Edu’s Google Maps listing.

Work with the sales assistant to organize regional campaigns in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Vancouver Canada, Washington DC, Ithaca, Philadelphia, Cambridge, and Geneva.

Collaborate with team members to help them learn to manage reputation and promote Edu during conversations with clients.

Ensure brand consistency in marketing and social media message. Grow a community of followers.

Research Assistant


  • Two years of experience with social media management and demonstrated ability with major social media platforms

  • BS in Communications, Marketing, Business, New Media or Public Relations

  • In lieu of a degree Edu will consider equivalent experience supported by a strong portfolio and proven results

Role: 1009    Team: Sales