Work at Edu


We're looking for a reliable, detail-oriented Salesforce consultant.

We need help planning, developing, and implementing a custom build to manage sales, research projects, and internal business processes.

We also need ongoing administration.

We are looking for innovation to improve our use of Salesforce to
support our clients, projects, and teams.

This is a consulting assignment.
Work from your office.


  • Review our salesforce environment and recommend improvements

  • Implement features or third-party apps that align with our business

  • Provide regular ongoing support and development


  • Gather clear, concise, and accurate requirements

  • Deep knowledge of the Salesforce platform

  • Capacity to provide support and training


  • Work collaboratively as an implementation partner

  • Understand our business and our people to tailor Salesforce to our needs

  • Passion for service and the natural ability to work well with others


We need leadership to plan and design solutions that leverage the Salesforce platform to best fit our business.
We require a full review and update of our current Salesforce production environment. We are looking for best practices to update and simplify sales, analytics, and client management. We need to optimize tracking and reporting Opportunity records.

We need someone with business experience and acumen to help develop processes, workflow and UI to support sales strategy, marketing, and campaigns.

We want to develop a custom app to manage and report multi-year research projects. The design needs a contact database for research participants, to document participant interviews and activities, and report the results of multi-year tracking studies.

We would like to document and map collaboration between research participants. We need to ensure collaboration mapping is generalizable across different projects.

We want a simple solution or integration with a third-party app to manage human resources, store job descriptions, accelerate onboarding, and connect contractors working from their own offices.

We need a solution to manage vendor registrations for United States and Canadian federal, state, and provincial agencies.

We want a system to monitor and respond to procurement opportunities at the United Nations, other international agencies and NGOs in order to rate and select potential projects.

Research Assistant


  • Significant experience and appropriate Salesforce certifications

  • Experience with administration, custom integrations, APEX development, VisualForce, Lightning, and JavaScript

  • Post-secondary degree from an accredited institution or equivalent business experience

  • We are looking for a broad, interdisciplinary background, with a strong understanding of computer science, database administration, and/or software engineering.

Role: 1004    Team: Data