Work at Edu


We are looking for someone confident and collaborative to
help grow and manage our sales program.

Are you strategic and goal-driven? Can you help us create a
strong and positive presence in our client communities?

If you are personable and enjoy offering amazing customer service –
please say hello! We want to get to know you.

This is part-time work from your office.


  • Support the sales team by managing calendars, budgets, and deliverables

  • Guide clients through the sales process while building high-quality, long-term relationships

  • Develop clear and compelling proposals and presentations


  • Experience to oversee – accounts, opportunities, and campaigns

  • Strong interest in collaborating on marketing and sales strategies

  • Experience or ability to oversee procurement opportunities from United States and Canadian government agencies and international organizations


  • Ability to work collaboratively and to effectively communicate complex ideas

  • Experience, competence, and interest in learning new technology

  • Demonstrated software skills (Microsoft Office, Google Suite, presentation software, web-based services, Adobe Acrobat, data entry and handling skills)


As sales assistant you will be responsible for providing outstanding administrative support to the Edu Sales team to increase revenue and meet sales goals while taking amazing care of our new clients.

You will effectively manage the sales team’s calendars, budgets, and tasks. You will oversee proposal schedules, deliverables, and help to develop clear and compelling proposals and presentations.

You will maintain contacts, accounts and opportunities in You are responsible for developing and maintaining sales dashboards and providing timely, personalized, and relevant reports to the Edu Sales team.

Clients benefit from our experience. You will reach out to potential clients and show interest in, anticipate, and rapidly respond to client needs. You have the ability to perform client-discovery research, assess client satisfaction and seek ways to improve service delivery.

You will guide new clients through the sales process and help existing clients renew current or fund new projects. Your goal is to build high-quality long-term relationships.

Plan on collaborating with the marketing team and providing ideas to promote the Edu brand across media channels.

Work with the social media specialist to organize regional campaigns in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Vancouver Canada, Washington DC, Ithaca, Philadelphia, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Geneva, Switzerland.

You will also maintain United States federal and state and Canadian federal and provincial and international vendor accounts.


  • Experience with or ability to quickly master US federal grant platforms including NSF Fastlane,, Central Contractor Registration ( and System for Award Management (SAM) databases is essential.

  • You are familiar with or can learn requirements for US Federal GSA schedule and contracts, and services of GSA Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU)

  • You can develop and manage procurement through GETS – the Government of Canada's Tendering System ( and British Columbia e-procurement BC Bid (

  • You are in charge of establishing vendor registration with the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, other international agencies, and NGOs.

You will monitor procurement opportunities and recommend potential projects.

Expect exceptional training, frequent coaching, and mentoring to help you to develop your skills. Enjoy a relaxed, honest, and open culture.

Research Assistant


  • Demonstrated success in an administrative or sales support role. Experience in public policy, public administration, or work as a paralegal is a plus.

  • Post-secondary degree from an accredited institution in a related field.

  • In lieu of a degree Edu will consider equivalent experience that lets you demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities to do the job.

Role: 1002    Team: Sales