Work at Edu


We’re looking for an organized, enthusiastic project manager to consult on planning and implementing multiple projects.

We want someone reliable and detail-oriented with insight to
help us make the best business decisions.

We need someone with empathy to understand our team members’ unique needs.

This is part-time consulting opportunity. Work from your office.


  • Develop and review project timelines, budgets, and deliverables

  • Develop performance metrics, dashboards, and reports

  • Evaluate and report project progress


  • Communicate effectively via email and video conferencing

  • Training to review budgets, resources, and skill sets necessary to complete the project

  • Assess and resolve project management issues and challenges in a timely manner


  • Empathy to ensure realistic but low-stress project plans to help our teams meet deadlines

  • People skills to guide staff in delegating and managing tasks

  • Leadership to motivate and inspire the team


In your role as project manager, you will work with staff overseeing project plans for small teams of three to five consultants. You will help to plan, structure, and direct Edu team members’ work on proposals and projects.

You will guide us in coordinating a variety of simultaneous consulting projects from proposal through completion using the LiquidPlanner project management software. You will ensure reliable project timelines and costs and oversee project workflow and deliverables.

You will be responsible for providing project reports, analytics, and budget updates to the sales and evaluation team. You will facilitate ongoing communication with Edu team members to ensure that work is on task, on time, and within budget.

As a project management expert, you will provide feedback regarding the types and scope of projects that Edu is well-positioned to consider. You will also work with the sales team to make decisions on the feasibility of new opportunities based on available time and resources.

We value creativity and encourage you to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to managing projects. You will have the opportunity to suggest improvements based on your understanding of project management tools and principles. Your well-informed recommendations will help to improve project efficiency.

Research Assistant


  • One to two years of experience in a business management and/or project management role

  • Post-secondary degree from an accredited institution.

  • Certification or advanced training in project management.

  • While a degree and/or certification is preferred Edu will consider equivalent experience that allows you to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities to do the job in lieu of a degree.

Role: 1008    Team: Business Center