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Is It Innovative?

Evaluating ten projects for the National Science Foundation over seven years reveals best practices for training research scientists.

NSF invests in projects that develop innovative, interdisciplinary education and training. Their goal is to fund bold, new, and potentially transformative models for training STEM graduate students.

Projects often need help planning a training program that matches the needs of the funder, incorporates best practices, and measures the effectiveness of training.

Edu collaborated with ten projects over seven years and helped them to rethink how to plan and measure successful training.

Edu guided planning by offering a menu of best practices for learner-centered training based on extensive experience and expert knowledge. Edu also provided a proprietary suite of tools and instruments developed through years of successfully evaluating large training projects.

Integrating best practices and leveraging highly-refined instruments and indicators provided formative feedback to help projects continuously improve. Evaluation data helped clients to report their successes and positioned their projects for additional funding.

The result was a blueprint for planning and evaluating effective training systems that served thousands of trainees in dozens of disciplines.


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