Work at Edu


We are looking for an inquisitive evaluator to join our team.

We want a smart and steady detail-oriented team player who can
keep projects on task while keeping the big picture in mind.

Strong communication skills and evaluation expertise are essential.

This is a part-time consulting opportunity. Work from your office.


  • Work with the evaluation team to plan, budget, define, and report evaluation studies

  • Contribute to evaluation proposals, reports, and presentations

  • Prepare and administer evaluation protocols and instruments

  • Perform quantitative and qualitative data analysis


  • Experience developing evaluation protocols and instruments

  • Mixed methods data analysis skills

  • Report writing skills


  • Demonstrated ability to write high-quality goals, objectives, and performance indicators

  • Ability to develop and use logic models and theories of change

  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Adobe Acrobat, and web-based services


In your role as evaluator you will work in a small team of three to five consultants to plan, budget, define, and report evaluation studies.  

You will help guide clients in planning, budgeting, and defining project outcomes. Your background in process evaluation will help determine if projects are implemented as planned. You are comfortable helping eminent faculty and research scientists understand program evaluation and its benefits.

You will be responsible for preparing and administering interviews, focus groups, and surveys, developing evaluation protocols and instruments and, performing quantitative coding, and conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis.

As a curious, critical thinker you will recognize trends and relationships in the data. You understand when more information is needed and when there is enough information to reach a conclusion.

You will actively contribute to proposals and reports. You are encouraged to provide constructive feedback regarding evaluation design, approach, and outcomes.

We need a thought partner to look for ways to improve the status quo. Your feedback on the quality and efficiency of our evaluation instruments, methods, and processes will be highly valued.

Research Assistant


  • Two to three years of experience in an evaluator role

  • Post-secondary degree from an accredited institution. Graduate studies preferred.

  • While a degree is preferred Edu will consider equivalent experience that gives you the demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities to do the job.

Role: 1010     Team: Client Care