Work at Edu


We're looking for a database administrator.

We need help designing, developing, and administering a small custom database to manage research data, analytics, and reporting.

If you are ready to jump in, love collaborating, and value our casual culture – please say hello!

This is a flexible, project-based consulting assignment.
Work from your office.


  • Review our data management and recommend improvements

  • Establish the needs of users

  • Design and implement an appropriate database solution

  • Provide regular ongoing development and support


  • Gather clear, concise, and accurate requirements

  • Deep knowledge of database languages and cloud-based database services

  • Capacity to provide support and training


  • Work collaboratively as an implementation partner

  • Explain complex ideas in simple language

  • Ethically handle confidential data

  • Passion for service and the natural ability to work well with others


We need leadership to plan and design solutions that leverage cloud-based data services to best fit our business.

We are looking for an innovative approach to load, extract, store, update, and query small data sets resulting from multi-year research studies.

This is a new build. We want a minimal design and clean UI to support small teams of researchers who concurrently access data and work remotely from different locations.

Experience with a variety of computer information systems and knowledge of database structure languages is required.

We need someone who knows database design and is familiar with database queries and database management best practices.

You will control access permissions and privileges, manage security, and monitor database performance.

You will develop, manage and test back-up and disaster recovery plans.

Business experience and acumen to help develop processes, workflow and UI to support non-technical researchers is invaluable.

Research Assistant


  • Two years hands-on experience in the IT industry

  • Post-secondary degree from an accredited institution or equivalent business experience

  • Database Administrator (DBA) experience in design, administration, and security

  • We are looking for a broad, interdisciplinary background, with a strong understanding of computer science, database administration, and/or software engineering.

Role: 1003     Team: Data